StillWater Equestrian provides an unmatched level of care, training and management for you and your equine athlete. We provide the following services:


  • 1 hour of turn-out, 7 days a week (weather permitting), with appropriate boots/polos, blankets and fly masks
  • Daily grooming – includes all regular trimming of nose, ears and fetlocks; bandaging as needed; mane and tail care, including mane pulling
  • Daily blanketing and un-blanketing
  • Administration of any necessary medications. All medications and related supplies will be billed to client at cost, individually by horse. If you would like your horse to receive Adequan and Legend please inform us in writing and we will be happy to arrange for a supply from local veterinarians and administer at no charge.

Training and Horse/Rider Management:

    • Riding and training program individually tailored to each horse/rider combination to include a maximum of three lessons per week
    • Coordination of all veterinarian, chiropractic and shoeing services. Billing for such services will be direct from the applicable service provider.
    • Maintenance of all horse and rider records including veterinary, chiropractic, farrier and daily work log.
    • Coordination of all horse show logistics, including entries and close-outs as well as transportation to/from shows, daily braiding, nightwatch, etc. Billing for such services will be direct to each customer from the applicable service provider.

Please contact us for detailed program information, pricing and fees.