Each horse has access to:

  • 12′ x 12′ rubber matted box stalls with attached 12′ x 24′ paddocks
  • Stall maintenance and once daily stall cleaning. Stalls bedded with generous amount of high quality shavings. Buckets checked twice daily and cleaned as needed.
  • Feed program analyzed and developed by veterinarian and equine dietician. Includes high quality grass hay as well as a variety of bagged feeds (Complete Advantage, Equine Senior, wheat bran, beet pulp or A&M, if warranted). Supplements include Platinum Performance, Traileze FlexFree, Strongid C2X daily wormer, Farrier’s Formula, electrolytes and corn oil. Lyxotinic or red cell provided when warranted.
  • 240′ x 80′ indoor arena
  • 220′ x 110′ covered arena
  • 210′ x 110′ outdoor arena
  • More than a dozen large turnouts
  • Covered and uncovered round pens
  • Daily maintenance of footing and jumps
  • Hot and cold water wash racks
  • Direct access to Mt. Diablo State Parks Trail System